Andana Resort: Experience grandeur like no other in the Island of Guimaras

Sun is up so high, and my body screams for beach again and this time I can’t stop myself but to go and explore the newly opened luxury resort in Guimaras; Andana Resort. This has been on my have-to-go-places list since it started operating December 2017. I heard so many compliments and commendations about this place and my curiosity brings me here. Feeding my desire.

Andana Resort lies in a secret cove, southwest of Guimaras. Complete address is 465 Sitio Talisay, Poblacion, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. This mediterranean-themed resort defines the beauty and elegance of a beach resort. This is a 70-room luxury resort,  with fine white sand beaches, clear blue waters and a serene and stunning scenery.

Facilities includes restaurant, bar, waterpark, infinity pool and sophisticated suites and beach pods as accomodations.


The Estrellita Restaurant is an elegant restaurant located in the back of the resort’s reception. The interior and exterior design of the restaurant is splendid. Nice choice of chairs, tables, lights and decors. Estrellita offers variety of food and drinks. They have starters, soups, main course, seafoods, salad, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, noodles, pastries, juice and shakes. Best seller that they have as per a waitress that I talked to is the Sinigang na Baboy sa Mangga and the Lumpiang Shanghai. Serving is good for 2-3 person.


Giving you a heads up,  waiting time for food to be serve is 30 minutes. You should not miss the Sinigang na Baboy sa Mangga. A kind of twist that you will surely love proudly made in Guimaras.

The Danilo’s Bar is a fully functional bar inside Andana Resort, it faces the beautiful alubihod beach. The place is an instagram-worthy place. The bar offers drinks, coffee and fresh fruit shakes. They also provide local and international delight.

Comfy chairs and tables for you too relax after a dip in the sea. You can have yourself a fresh fruit shake or a bottle of beer while singing your favorite song on their videoke. What a classy bar indeed. Added by the refreshing sea breeze, this will be your favorite place to stay in Andana Resort.


The infinity pool is jaw dropping.  It is clean and well-maintained. A pool that will make you droll all over. One of the best pools I’ve seen. So magnific.

The beach? Who would not love a fine white beach? Andana provides that. You can just lie down under the coconut tree while contemplating yourself, listening to the calm waves, just enjoying the picture-perfect view. Bean bags are scattered in the beach for your convenience.


Those are cute bean bags that how I wish I can bring one at home. You can do beach volleyball, net is just waiting you there. You can also try their waterpark, do kayak and many more.


Entrance fee is P488 per head if you want to indulge yourself with the infinity pool the whole day and tour yourself around the resort. But you can actually just dine at Estrellita Restaurant or Danilo’s Bar and you can already rome around the resort for your lovely photos. In short, P488 is for pool access.

Allow me to highlight the hospitality of the people working in Andana. The service is exemplary. Waiters and waitresses are neat and approachable. They always smile, they are respectful and they will surely make you feel that you are valued and loved during your stay in Andana Resort.


Getting in Andana Resort is easy. From Iloilo take a cab going to Ortiz Wharf or a jeepney labeled villa, calumpang, jaro liko nfa, or la granja lapaz and tell the driver to drop you in Ortiz Wharf, fare in the jeepney is P7. Ride a motorbanca from Ortiz Wharf to Jordan Wharf, fare is P14. Travel time is 15-20 minutes. Once in Jordan Wharf register yourself in the tourism office located in the wharf also. Hire a tricycle and tell the driver that you are heading to Andana, fare is P250 good for 5 person. Travel time takes 30-40 minutes. For commute not really sure of the price but you can ride a jeepney going to Nueva Valencia and tell the driver that you’re heading to Andana, driver will drop you off in the intersection going to Alubihod, from there you can hire a motorcycle going to the resort.


Andana is absolutely a place to visit in Guimaras. A stress-free place that you can truly feel serenity, tranquility and exclusivity at the same time. This place is one of a kind. Add this luxurious resort in your list because this is so worth it.

For rates, bookings and other inquiries here are the contact details:
Andana Resort Trunklin – +63 33 5821904 to 05
Guimaras Reservations – +63 33 5821904 or +63917 726 3262
Manila Reservations – +63917 326 3262

You may also email reservations@andanaresort for inquiries or visit their website and Facebook page

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